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Samsung KNX Gateway 8-16 Channels

Референция: ITR830-005-16

1000,00 BGN
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Samsung KNX Gateway 8-16 Channels


The Samsung interface has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Samsung NASA VRF systems from a KNX installation. You can 16 indoor unit at same time with 2 independent connection ports with this product.

  • Direct connection to indoor unit bus and KNX bus
  • Fully control of indoor unit system
  • Up to 300meter cable distance between indoor unit and gateway
  • For complex automation scenarios: 8 converters and 4 logic blocks.
  • 5 independent scenario for each indoor unit
  • Special modes for each indoor unit
  • Bus energy failure scenarios
  • Locking functions
  • Error code transfer to KNX Bus

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