Beko & Arçelik AC - KNX Gateway

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Beko & Arçelik AC - KNX Gateway

Beko & Arçelik

384,00 BGN
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ITR830-007 is a air conditioner gateway that used for monitoring and control all the functioning parameters of Arcelik air conditioners via KNX bus line. Arcelik AC - KNX Gateway is compatible with models in several types categorized in compatibility list by Arcelik. Arcelik AC - KNX Gateway has easy installation feature and can be installed inside the own AC indoor unit or a proper location away from the air conditioner, it connects one side directly to the electronic circuit of the AC indoor unit and in the other side directly to the KNX bus.

• ITR830-007 device, provides complete bi-directional integration of Arcelik air conditioners with KNX bus.
• Includes 4 logical advanced parameters, each logical parameter have up to 4 inputs and can be configured as AND, OR & XOR.
• Includes 8 advanced converter parameters, each converter has four operations math calculations according to input type.
• Logic and converter parameters can be used for energy savings, configurable scenes, temperature limits etc.
• The Arcelik AC - KNX gateway provides error notifications for errors that may occur in exceptional cases.

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