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Networking and VPN building

We design and build local wired and wireless networks and VPN networks. We offer structured cabling and construction of wireless networks for offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Building a local area network
* Network design
* Placing cables
* Installing computers on the network and sharing files and directories
* Installation and administration of network equipment - routers, switches ...
* Create and share network printers
* User training for networking
* Free phone consultations

Building a wireless network
* Inspection of the premises for the placement of access points
* Adding and installing pci cards or usb wireless devices
* Network administration
* User training for networking
* Free phone consultations

Building a VPN - Virtual Private Network

VPN is a virtual private network through which you can connect the local area networks of your offices and have fast and secure access to your corporate network from anywhere. Provides connectivity between computer networks via the Internet, data security and easy management.

Who is VPN for?

The establishment of a VPN network is suitable for companies that have offices in the country and need constant connection with each other. By building a VPN, company information is encrypted and protected.

How much does it cost to build a VPN network?
There are various hardware and software solutions for implementing a VPN network - through a hardware or software router, OPENVPN, etc. We offer a free consultation to help you understand your needs and choose how your VPN project is implemented.