We at Success Solutions provide selling and building of smart home systems . We offer solutions for home and building automation, delivery of displays, systems, sensors and components for smart home construction and automation of houses, apartments, office buildings, hotels and more.

We offer unified systems for building automation and management. The solutions we offer lead to significant savings in electricity and heat, as well as convenience, security and easy management of office buildings, hotels, homes and more.

We offer complete building management systems:

- Delivery and construction of a KNX-based smart home and automation system.

- Delivery and configuration of displays that include IP intercom and smart home software.

- Lighting automation - control of current circuits and dimming through KNX and DALI ballasts for lighting. Manual dimming as well as the ability to set the illumination level to be kept constant, resulting in significant energy savings.

- Management of heating, cooling and ventilation systems - through electrical actuators, gateways to KNX systems for the specific system or by training an IR emitter that replaces your TV remote, air conditioning, etc.

- Security system integration and CCTV integration into our smart home systems.

- A single application to control power circuits, air conditioners, heating systems, air conditioners, lighting, blinds, rolling shutters, security systems, multimedia, etc. Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

- Configure different scenarios according to customer needs.

For an individual quote for a smart home project, please contact us