Компютърни услуги

Success Solutions offers express and affordable computer services, system support for Windows and Linux based servers. Ensures fast and stable operation of your computers and office equipment. Sells new and used computer systems and components, software products and specialized business software. Designs, builds, administers, and maintains local wired and wireless computer networks.

Computer Services

Hardware Services - Assembling and Selling Office Computers and Laptops - New and Used. Diagnostics of computers and components. Solve hardware issues.

Software Services - Installation and reinstallation of operating systems and computer programs, setup and configuration of specialized software, software protection through anti-virus software and firewalls against computer viruses. Recover lost and deleted information. System archiving of information. Solve software issues that have occurred.

Construction of computer networks - we offer design and construction of structural cabling, administration and maintenance of local computer networks, Wi-Fi networks for offices, hotels and establishments.

Remote support - remote administration in the event of a problem with remote access software for clients who have a PC subscription support contract.