Информационна сигурност

Protecting against unauthorized access to your company's network resources and data is crucial for both your business and your partners. Proper planning, integration, and monitoring of hardware and software security solutions can greatly protect your office network from unauthorized access, spyware, and viruses. Many unattended computer systems, with up-to-date software packages and antivirus software, with firewall switched off or incorrectly configured, users with administrative privileges that, in most cases, are unnecessary can become an easy target for viruses or hackers.

Information security depends on the protection of servers and workstations as well as the employees of the company. In most cases, security breaches are due to ignorance or underestimation of possible issues that may result in opening attachments from unknown email addresses, the use of infected flash drives, etc. Following employee security policies can save you a lot of trouble in the future. It also helps to build an active directory that controls user computers and prevents them from installing any software that helps prevent any viruses from running.

We at Success Solutions offer installation, configuration and support of antivirus software and hardware solutions. We combine the world's leading firewalls and antivirus products to protect your network from viruses, malware and hackers. We constantly monitor the office network to monitor the malicious activity of malicious code.