Multitek Touch Door Panel DIP70 KNX

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Multitek Touch Door Panel DIP70 KNX

Multitek Touch

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Multitek Touch Door Panel DIP70 KNX

» Easy to use with 7" Touch screen and GUI icons. 
» Calling guard and doorkeeper by a touch. 
» Phonebook feature makes easy to find the names and calling them with a touch.
» Unlock the door with the proximity card or password. 
» Call the rooms by dialing the room number and making enter. 
» Each room may have proximity cards for opening the door lock. 
» Main screen of the door panel shows the apartment name, number, time and ambient temperature.
» Device touch buttons are programmable to 7 different colors. 
» Device light frame is programmable to 7 different colors. (optional) 
» Unlimited number of door panels can be connected to the network.
» No need to know the IP address of the door panel to connect to the network.

Programmable Features: 
» Apartment name, number, block number. 
» Room names recorded and changed.
» Proximity cards may be recorded or erased on card basis.
» Programming the keys and frame colors. 
» Language of the panel is changeable. 
» Programming the release time of the door relay. 
» Deleting all door opening passwords.  
» Recording door passwords or deleting.
» Easily programming the doorpanel number and connecting to the network.
» Programmable speaker volume etc.

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