Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX
  • Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX

Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX

9G 05 00 0001 (Mo) 9G 05 00 0003 (Ba)

Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX

Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX

Multitek VIP70

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Multitek VIP70 SMART KNX

7” IP Monitor with Alarm and Smart Home Features

Smart Home Features

- Multitek smart home management systems has built-in wireless, wired various type smart home interfaces including KNX.

- Smart home integration can be enabled by KNX, SOMFY RTS, RF or relay control.
- It is possible to control almost all smart home devices through the panel and mobile application, such as power, dimmer, HVAC, shutters.
- Smart home devices can be controlled through internet by mobile application (Available for Ios and Android)
- Different scenarios can be introduced (i.e. at home, not at home)
- Smart home features work with alarm features, so that trigger mechanism logic can be applied. Different scenarios can be introduced for different alarm situations. (i.e. turn off electricity when PIR dedector goes off)
- Service management software can be used to define/update all wired/wireless devices in the block at the same time. 

Alarm Features

- All wired and wireless detectors can be connected to Multitek IP intercom monitors.

- Device has 8 different security zones.

- Alarm zones can be armed / disarmed by unique password from control panel, mobile device or remote-control device

- When alarm goes off, alarm data (time, block, location, alarm zone) is sent to the guard device or guard PC.

- Alarm related messages are sent to the guard unit or to the mobile phone through internet. Alarm related messages can be customized (i.e. Call another number when alarm is disarmed after 8:00 PM)

- All room monitors are notified in case of fire alarm

- When an alarm goes off, electricity, gas and water turn off immediately according to the pre-recorded scenarios.

Screen: 7" TFT LCD (1024X600)
Touch: Capacitive
TFT Card: Yes
CPU: 1.5GHz, RAM 1 GB, Flash 4GB
Operating System: Android
Connection Protocol: SIP
Transmission: TCP/IP
Codec: Voice G.711, Video H.264
Network Connection: Ethernet (PoE)
Working Voltage: 12-24VDC (PoE) (nominal 18VDC)
Working Current: 200mA stand-by, 300mA active
Working Temperature: -10, +55oC
Humidty: %20-95 ( non-condensed)
Installation: Wall mount
Color: White, Black
Dimensions: 217x144x29mm

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